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  • A snout soother stick to provide some much-needed relief to your dog’s chapped/crusty nose
  • A pet hair roller you simply swipe over surfaces covered in hair from your furry bestie
  • And a pet hair-removal broom and squeegee that’ll help you get rid of the furry mess

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A snout soother stick

This snout soother is organic, vegan, and made with all-natural ingredients!

Promising review: “Well, I have never before been so shocked at the effectiveness of a product. Our 5-year-old Frenchie, Carol, had a nose that was so crusty, it was sprouting these long strands of more crust. There was literally crust on crust on crust. The nose had strings of crust. This nose was so crusty and repulsive, it was almost beautiful. Her nose might have resembled the rarest, most exotic geode to be mined from the rarest mine in Guatemala. A friend recommended this snout soother for Carol’s repulsive nose. I was worried she would just lick it all off and it wouldn’t work. We never imagined she could have a regular, soft, moist nose again. Honestly, this product is some black magic stuff! Unbelievable results in three to five days. No one paid me to write this.” —Brittany

A pet hair roller

Promising review: “Where has this been all my cat-loving life? Sticky rollers work fine for clothes, but this is the only product that has ever COMPLETELY removed all the cat hair from my bed. I have a long-haired, 20-pound tabby, and if you run your hands up his back a few times and fling the hair everywhere, it looks like it’s snowing — he never stops shedding no matter what I do. After using the ChomChom, I can put on a black dress and roll around on my bed and not get a single hair on me. It’s absolutely amazing. Everyone is getting one for Christmas, even if they don’t have a pet. I don’t care; it’s THAT good.” —Stephanie

And a pet hair-removal broom and squeegee

Promising review: “This thing just plain works. We got a mature golden retriever last year and were told he didn’t shed. Then in the spring, he started shedding badly. We were tired of hair everywhere, and somehow I realized that dragging my shoe across the carpet balled the hair up. I found this product on a whim one day and knew it had to be better than my shoe! I ordered it and it was tough at first. The bristles pulled the hair up but then caught the tufts and spread them around. I found that using short, quick strokes with the rake turned upside-down got the best results. The backside is more like a squeegee and helps pull the hair up in long rolls and keeps the hair in one big pile.” —Nick V.

A cat dander spray infused with oat flour and aloe vera

Promising review: “I was really skeptical about this but I thought I would give it a try because my cat’s dandruff looked like she had snow on her back. I’ve used this twice and her coat is very shiny and soft now with little to no dandruff. I will say the spray noise does freak her out so I have to do it quick before she runs off.” —Rachel Patterson

A portable carpet and upholstery cleaner

Promising review: “I was super skeptical. My dog was not feeling well and started relieving himself on our bedroom rug. I had tried multiple spray cleaners and techniques but couldn’t get the smell out. I was convinced I’d need to get rid of my rug and this was my last shot. I honestly thought I’d have to return it. Nope!! Easy to assemble. Easy to use and clean. I used it with the pet cleaning solution. My rug is clean and odor free!!! I’m excited to use this on my couch and in my car now. So happy!” —Brittany

A nail grinding tool

Promising review: “Our dogs: one is nearly 15 years old and the other is 11 and blind. I could never clip their nails myself as they hate it so much. The only option was to bring them to the vet. I was skeptical with this device but gave it a chance to try to save $$. It’s very quiet; I hardly hear any noise. The grinder won’t overheat after the continuous use. Very gentle and super easy to use. Both of my dogs couldn’t care less while I was working on their nails. They both were so relaxed and ended up falling asleep snoring. Thank you for making the nail trimming without stress for me and the dogs!” —MS

ScratchPad for Dogs / Etsy

Or a ScratchPad, a genius tool that’ll allow your pup to file their own nails

ScratchPad is a small business based in Atlanta, Georgia that sells, well, the ScratchPad, a fancy name for a nail file for dogs!

Promising review: “Highly recommend this product! After three months of challenges to cut the nails of our German shepherd, this product saved the day!!! We are now able to file his nails in a noninvasive way. Excellent customer service and fast international shipping.” —Michelle Rosenberg

A cleaning magnet to help clear away algae fogging up the fish tank

Promising review: “Does a fantastic job cleaning the algae — even old stubborn buildup growth — off the inside of my glass aquarium. Works even better than I expected, and the felt pad on the bit that’s in contact with the outside of the glass does a decent job cleaning off any water spots and finger/handprints. Also, I have degenerative osteoarthritis, peripheral and small-fiber neuropathy, and hEDS (among other issues), all of which make it very difficult for me to do much of anything with my hands. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to use this thingy, but it was a lot less difficult than I thought it would be.” —Frankie

A wrinkle paste

Promising review: “Bought this for my 4-year-old, 70-pound English bulldog. He’s always had an odor from his wrinkles. Used it on his wrinkles two to three times, and the smell is completely gone. I’ve been using wet wipes for years to clean the area, but it never got rid of the odor the way this wrinkle paste does. I’ll be using this for a long time.” —K & G

Eye wash pads that’ll gently clean and soothe irritated eyes

Promising review: “Oscar gets really bad infections around his right eye; it causes his whole area to get red and crusted up. We tried this and it worked great! Even after the first use we could see a big difference. I don’t use it as directed, maybe once a day but it still works great. Will absolutely buy again. P.S. forgive the before pic (left); he was helping me size baby hats I was making. No cats were tortured; he just acts like he was.” —April Mcleod

Lifting pads you can just press down into rug stains

Promising review: “WOW! Honestly, I was a little skeptical of the promise of these pads, but I bought them just to try out. THEY WORKED AMAZINGLY WELL! Seriously. I have some stains that are 1.5–2 years old. I’ve tried everything to get them out. I put these pads on the stains (two to cover the spot), let sit for about an hour, pulled them up, and the stain was gone. I truly couldn’t believe it. The pad was yellow. Somehow the old urine was soaked up into the pad. My carpet looks like new. I couldn’t recommend these any higher for what I wanted and what I got. Wish I could give this more than five stars.” —Matt

A shaver clipper set

Promising review: “I have been so stressed about grooming my poodle mix during quarantine while groomers are closed, because the last few times I attempted with Wahl clippers was stressful for both him and me. I impulse bought these hoping things would be different and they were! I was skeptical, but the cordless clippers were so light, easy to maneuver and cut through his curly, lightly matted fur so well I was pleasantly surprised. One grooming appointment costs more than these clippers and I am very glad I made the investment.” —Lisa Vandenberg

An immune system supplement

Promising review: “My dog loves these. We live in the south so allergies are pretty serious here. When spring came around I noticed he was constantly gnawing at his paw and wasn’t eating as much as he used to. I did some research and found this product. I was skeptical, as he’s kind of picky, but he is obsessed with them. He waits at the pantry door every morning for them. He thinks they are treats. I noticed — within hours — that he was no longer gnawing at his paw and his appetite was also back to normal. When he finished his first tube of these, I decided to wait to order more and see if they really worked or if his allergies just wore off. A few weeks went by and I noticed him gnawing at his paw again and not eating. I ordered them Sunday and he’s back on them again. He was so excited to see them again and is no longer gnawing at his paw :)” —Alyssa

A cleaning spray to help dissolve and remove bird droppings your chirpy buddy leaves behind in their cage or around the house. This also works for anyone who *isn’t* a bird owner but owns outdoor furniture that always seems to double as a restroom for fly-by visitors.

Promising review: “Absolutely love this cleaner. We have a macaw and the cage we built is wood and steel wire. Nothing was really getting the poop off of the wood but this did as soon as I sprayed it on. It cleaned it so effortlessly. Glad I went ahead and bought the gallon refill as well. We will be using this a lot.” —Crystal Barnes

A stain and odor remover

Rocco & Roxie is a family-owned small business that sells all sorts of great pet products like collars and leashes, shampoos, and small-batch treats!

Promising review: “I’m not going to lie, this stuff is significantly more expensive than most other available carpet sprays. You could probably buy four or five bottles of Febreze for the cost of this stuff, but the competition won’t work nearly as well as Rocco & Roxie. This stuff is AMAZING.” —Brian

A portable paw cleaner

Promising review: “I have to admit that I was skeptical…but this is worth EVERY PENNY and more! Our great dane’s paws would track in huge amounts of dirt/mud, and wiping them down with a towel was never good enough. This is definitely big enough for his huge feet, and he doesn’t even fight it. I wonder if it feels good on his paws? The fact that the rubber ‘bristles’ are removable for cleaning out afterwards is an awesome bonus, too. You can actually see all the dirt it’s cleaning off. My husband loves it, too. I’m sure it will also come in handy when we take our dogs RV-ing!! Thanks for a great product!!!!” —Bitsy C 🙂

Or a microfiber cloth perfect for giving paws a quick clean

Promising review: “I love this thing! I posted photos of my dog’s legs before and after a quick rub with the towel before coming inside. In one quick rub, it gets most of the water and mud off their paws and legs so no more muddy paw prints on my floors! Great shape. May seem weird, but it’s perfect for drying your dog! I have two poodle-mix dogs, and I use one towel to dry both their paws and legs when they come inside. Haven’t had the chance to use it when their whole bodies are wet, but I can only assume this will definitely do the job! I used to do two loads of towels a day anytime it would rain, but now I only need this one small towel! Will be purchasing another!” —Caitlin

A vanilla-mint toothpaste

Promising review: “I was skeptical, but this stuff really works! For years I put off brushing my dog’s teeth, thinking it was ridiculous. I didn’t see how you could brush a dog’s teeth thoroughly enough to make any difference. Then, after putting my dog through an anesthetized procedure to clean his teeth and being out several hundred dollars, only six months later the plaque was already building up to levels where the vet was saying his teeth needed to be cleaned again. I tried everything else hoping to spare him the stress of the anesthesia and my pocketbook the cost of the procedure. My vet recommended this product, and I figured, ‘What do I have to lose?’ My vet explained that it’s not the physical action of brushing the teeth that’s important, because this toothpaste has enzymes that break down the tartar, so you just need to smear it around the teeth. I started brushing his teeth daily and very quickly noticed an improvement. His teeth have been cleaner and cleaner the longer I use the product. Along with an antler to chew on, his teeth are looking very clean and healthy and he got a good checkup from the vet at our last visit!” —Amazon Customer

Or a dental health powder you simply sprinkle onto your pet’s food

Promising review: “I have to say I am amazed by this product. My dogs love the taste and the plaque is coming off of my older dog’s teeth. My puppy didn’t have any and I am hoping this will keep it off. You can see the plaque in the water bowl. I was skeptical but it is working. Not sure if it will take it all off but I am amazed that it is taking off what it has.” —Kathleen Wal

A Bissell Crosswave pet vacuum

You’ll also get two tangle-free brush rolls, two 8-ounce bottles of cleaning solution with Febreze, and a storage tray.

Promising review: “I’m a big fan! After hours of researching and debating, I took the plunge and ordered it. I just used it for the first time today and I’m in love. We just built a house with all tile floors — it’s very dusty from the new construction. My floors look amazing. If you’re on the edge, just do it. We also have three dogs, and I’m very pleasantly surprised. The amount of dirt and dog hair it picks up is impressive.” —kmjacobs

A pet ear cleanser

Promising review: “We have two mini poodle crosses that are both prone to ear infections. We’ve been to the vet multiple times to get different types of ointments, drops, and washes. Most work but are messy, stinky, or the infection comes back within a couple of weeks after completing treatment. I got a bottle of this for far less than one vet visit. It treated a stinky, yeasty smelling ear that was starting to turn red and within two days it looked all better! We completed the full week of treatment over a week ago and so far his ears look nice and healthy, so this works at least as well as the expensive stuff our vets tried. It’s a bonus that this stuff does not seem to make a mess; just squirt some in the ear, squish the ear around, wipe any that leaks with a washcloth, and you’re good to go. No vinegary stench like the vet’s last product. The ear infection smell is totally gone and the dog is much happier. I was skeptical but for the price compared to yet another vet visit decided to give this a shot based on all the good reviews and I’m totally a believer!” —Mom2Minions

A citrus-scented urine remover

Promising review: “A product that reliably eliminates cat urine is basically magic, because cat urine used to be a death sentence to any item. Now I won’t use anything other than this product. My cat chooses a rug to pee on a few times a year, and this product saves the rug every time. I’ve also successfully used it on bathroom tile/grout. The key is to make sure the whole affected area is covered in enough of this stuff, but it will work. If you don’t think the smell is gone, you either missed a spot or didn’t saturate per the directions. I always keep some in the closet for bad cat moments! Since I’ve been using this the last five years, I have saved two big rugs, a bathroom mat, and a blanket.” —Lacy

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